Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. Booking Cancellations

1.1. User Responsibility: Users of acknowledge that bookings made through our platform are considered final and non-refundable unless explicitly stated otherwise in this policy.

1.2. Cancellation Requests: Users have the right to submit a cancellation request, which will be reviewed by on a case-by-case basis. Cancellation requests must be submitted through the platform's designated channels.

2. Refunds

2.1. General Refund Policy: As a general rule, does not offer refunds for bookings. Users are advised to review all booking details carefully before confirming a reservation. Refunds will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.

2.2. Exceptional Circumstances: Refunds may be granted in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • Service Provider Cancellation: If a vendor cancels a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, will facilitate a refund to the user.
  • Service Unavailability: In cases where the service or venue reserved through becomes unavailable, a refund may be processed.

2.3. Refund Processing: Refunds, if approved, will be processed using the original payment method used for the booking. Processing times may vary depending on the payment gateway and financial institutions involved.

2.4. No-show Policy: In cases where users do not arrive for a booked service (no-show), refunds will not be issued. It is the user's responsibility to attend bookings as scheduled.

3. Review and Dispute Resolution

3.1. Review System: encourages users to provide feedback and reviews about their experiences. Negative reviews should be accompanied by sufficient context to ensure fair and transparent communication.

3.2. Dispute Resolution: In the event of disputes related to cancellations and refunds, will mediate and make reasonable efforts to find a mutually acceptable solution for both users and vendors.

4. Vendor Cancellations and Refunds

4.1. Vendor Cancellation: Vendors are expected to honor confirmed bookings. In the event of a vendor-initiated cancellation, may facilitate a refund to the user.

4.2. Refund Policies by Vendors: Vendors may have their own cancellation and refund policies. Users are advised to review these policies, which will apply in addition to's policies.

5. Currency Exchange Rates

5.1. Currency Exchange: For transactions involving different currencies, exchange rates may apply. Users should be aware of any currency conversion fees or rates imposed by their payment providers.

6. Changes to Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1. Policy Modifications: reserves the right to make changes or updates to this Cancellation and Refund Policy at any time. Users and vendors will be notified of such changes through the platform or via email.

6.2. Review of Updated Policy: It is the responsibility of users and vendors to review and adhere to the most recent version of this policy.

Last updated on: 02.02.2024