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We provide a variety of the best coworking spaces for those of you who need it. Dont worry about the quality of the service.
Designhaus Berlin
Cozyhaus Reken
DataHub Munchen
Old Trafford
Avengers HQ

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We make it as easy as possible for you! So you will not only find a workspace that suits your needs faster, but you will also save time and be flexible at any time.


We provide the best choice of coworking spaces.

We always prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction. That's why we only accept the best coworking spaces


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Although the price tends to be cheaper but it will not affect the quality of service, so don't worry


Can refund up to 100%

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The Best Spaces For You

These are some of the spots that we highly recommend for you. we guarantee the quality of the service, the food, the hotel area and various other aspects.

some good space

Designhaus Reken

start from €39/ day

some good space

Cozyhouse Berlin

start from €60/ day

some good space

DataHub Munchen

start from €39/ day

Don't Take Just Our Word
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Desk.Club is very easy to use, the customer service is friendly and very responsive when there are questions and complaints from customers. I am very satisfied using Desk.Club to book my dream Space

Jubin - FIBAA


We use Desknow to manage our offices and desks. Personally, I use the iOS app and the Teams integration. The floor plan is very clear and intuitive, and I can always use it to see which colleague is in the office at the booked time and which colleague has booked which table. So I can choose who I sit with. In addition, there is always quick help from DeskNow support. The team is very nice and authentic.

Michelle - prettyTelco


The price of the hotel in the stay tends to be cheap compared to the price on other platforms, I am very satisfied with Nginep. Hope it grows to be a better booking platform!

Michelle - prettyTelco


The best Coworking booking

platform in the world


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